Biking for Multiple Sclerosis


#BaliBikes is back and this year, I aim to push myself further.
I promise to ride 1 mile for every $5 that is donated towards Bike MS, an organization that helps people with Multiple Sclerosis. Feel free to share this post and help it gain momentum.

Donate here:

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Bali Bikes


I promised to bike as many miles as the number of likes I received on Facebook. It’s not much in comparison to some cyclists, but the 70 mile weekend was a first for me.

“I want you” from Across the Universe


I watched Across the Universe and think it is probably one of the best made films out there. I especially fell in love with this scene and the way it was rendered. Beautiful!

The Higgs Boson Simplified


Surfer – The Distant Shores Movie


It’s an unending string of awesome adjectives failing to describe its glory! Beautiful! Magnificent! Alive!!