Morning blues



Coming soon: New Spiderman fan art


This time it is final. In the coming 5 days, I have free time during at least 2 of them. I should, therefore, be able to find time to sit down and sketch.

If everything goes as planned, the new fan art I’ve been working on should hit the social media by the 3rd of July- the same day the new Spiderman movie hits theatres!

*Fingers crossed*

Works with graphite and charcoal


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My First Comic Strip

Hi there!!
I’ve been away for a while now. I was busy doing nothing. Forced into routine, I decided I wasn’t going to be a blind sheep anymore. I’m starting to sketch and write again. I’ve taken up karate too. The trainer’s a Black Belt 5th Dan!! I’m very impressed! Obviously.
Anyway, I was clearing my cupboard looking for something and I found an old book of mine that I used to call “My Chitbook Database”. And old school memories were brought back to me in a flash. And I was going through it when I found a comic strip I had made during my chemistry class. I’m forgetting what that compound[(COOH)2C6H5] is called though. Anyway, I was scolded by the teacher(Uday Kumar Sir- He rocks!) for some reason. I don’t remember what the reason was though. I used to be scolded often during his periods. Anyway, I was in no mood for chemistry that day. So I got creative, as I always do. And before I knew it, I had this stupid little comic strip before me! I’m smiling endlessly…
( ^_^)
PS: The original post was made on the 5th of April, 2010.