Microsoft’s Cortana Gets A Sneak Preview, Looks Like A Circle And Will Call You Whatever You Want

This seems like an obvious, but interesting, development. Can’t wait for more news on the matter.


Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant is coming to its mobile devices in Windows Phone 8.1, and a new set of leaked screens from The Verge shows a bit of what you can expect from the Siri clone. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft decided against using a holographic female avatar (i.e., the Cortana from Halo) as the visual representation of the software, and instead stuck with a small animated circle.

Cortana’s settings reveal that the assistant can be set to suggest things to a user, which indicates that it’s more than just something that works when called upon like Siri, but in fact can offer up suggestions to you throughout the day while you’re doing other things. It can also glean information about a user from their email, allowing it to keep track of things like flight departure times and more.


As mentioned in a previous leak, Cortana differentiates itself in part through transparency, offering…

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