What I think about Facebook acquiring Whatsapp

I see several people making jokes about Facebook’s recent purchase. While some people seem to have been following the chain of events, a lot of people merely seem to have discovered the whole matter only now. So here’s a dumbed down version of what is actually happening.

If you google ‘Facebook user decline report’, you should come across at least a dozen legitimate news sources that should get you caught up with the strong suspicion that Facebook’s seeing a decline in users. Now though the number of Facebook accounts might be increasing by the day, the decrease can be measured in terms of the net time spent on the site per month. Also there are strong hints that point out a decline in younger users. There’s strong indication that as more and more people are grasping the concept of social media, and with the increase of mobile access, there are more parents and grandparents joining the social media giant.

As a recent victim of this phenomenon, I instantly see the appeal of leaving Facebook. Combined with this, the fact that several more private social media solutions like Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, etc. only make it easier for younger users to migrate to social networks that protect their privacy. Facebook’s ever-fluctuating privacy policy hasn’t helped the case.

Facbook acquires whatsapp

Enter Whatsapp. What started out as a simple app that cut out the cost of international texting tariffs, slowly grew due to its operating ethics. I’ve only looked at it as a mere texting app replacement, the application has gained immense popularity in certain parts of the world as a legitimate social network, one that is more private, and simply more comfortable to live in. At $1.00 a year after the first year, it’s an inexpensive juggernaut hurtling towards a time-local success.

From Facebook’s perspective, if you can’t beat them, you join them. And that’s exactly what has happened. By acquiring Whatsapp, Facebook will be able to keep its place as the dominant social media solution. They did this with Instagram as well, and I can only hope they will have the decency to not change the way Whatsapp works.

It’s been a good two years of being a Whatsapp user for me. I am desperately looking at other solutions to have a texting solution that will not mean giving up what is left of my privacy.

Hello Viber?


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