An Alien’s Perspective: To international students with love

Dear International Students,

I hope you are enjoying your stay in the U.S. so far. As an international student myself, I believe I may be able to understand some of the issues you might be facing today, and there are a few things I have learned over the last few semesters that I would like to share with you.

Seek friendships, not business cards: When I suggested that he go to a movie being screened on campus, an international student I met asked me if he would be able to make contacts there.

People you meet are human beings, not business cards that you use to your advantage.

You might be afraid of the future, of how you might do in college, or about your career. However, today is not the day to fret about it. You will need all the mental peace and tranquility to make it through college with flying colors.

You need honest, good friends for that – not the number of the HR department at Cessna.

While it may seem scary, do not stick to making friends only from your home country. WSU is an extremely friendly place, and people are really nice and helpful. It is a priceless opportunity to learn about other cultures and open your mind up to new ideas. For all you know, you might find a friend for life.

The money has been spent: And, when it is spent on education, it is an investment. The cost of education in the U.S. is ridiculous by comparison to most countries.

Having to pay heavy sums for fees was probably hard for you and your family.

That money is as good as spent for now. Worrying about it will only reduce your capacity to perform well in school. Take a deep breath, be thankful for today, and head to your classes with a fresh mind.

You will land a part-time job in time: One matter of concern to me was the lack of on campus jobs when I arrived. I applied to several places, and it seemed like all the doors were closed.

Nevertheless, keep calm and look for jobs. You can head over to Grace Wilkie hall by the library and talk to career services. They are more than happy to assist you.

If there no posted jobs that you qualify for, simply walk into every department that could use you, and ask if there is an opening. That is exactly how I landed this job.

Get involved: If you have not realized this already, it is important to be more than a textual genius. A good GPA is important, no doubt. But, your progress should not end just there. Join a campus group that will help you become a well-rounded person.

You could get involved with Student Involvement, or several other campus groups. Whether you join GEEKS, the SAC, the SGA, or some other group on campus, you will learn skills that no textbook can teach you.

Most importantly, enjoy the moment: As a control-freak who thought he had his life planned out to the t before his tenth grade, I cannot stress on this enough. Splitting your hair over what could happen a few years from now is not worth it.

You are in good hands, and you know this. You have researched several schools before you decided you wanted to be a Shocker. Get your schoolwork done on time, and have fun. Plan a trip over the fall break, or ask someone who is from here about places to visit around here.

I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors.


One thought on “An Alien’s Perspective: To international students with love

  1. too good, now i can see the positive part of you….you owe a big thanks to me ……he he he ….had i not pushed you for usa , you might be knocking the airlines door with 0 hope he he he muahhhhh…stay posiitive

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