Time Flies


Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember being a cute little kid with big, dark eyes and fat pudgy arms? Do you remember being surrounded by young women drooling over every single move of yours? Do you remember trying to run away from those really tall girls who’d always manage to catch up, and who’d never let you go and play? I wondered why they never stopped picking me up. All I wanted was to run into the backyard and play in the dirt. The mud from the vegetable garden tasted amazing. And if you are pretending to be disgusted by the mere idea of it, drop the act. You ate mud as a kid, and loved it no lesser than I did.

Life was so much simpler back then. My biggest worry was getting LEGO bricks of different sizes to fit. They never did. And that was the end of it. Everything is more complicated today. I miss the simplicity of it all. Nothing lasts. Neither my childhood, now will the time today. every second passes away as the nib of my pen glides across the surface of this sheet of paper.

Nothing is the same ever again. Nothing lasts. Except extra weight! You put on a pound and it never leaves.


6 thoughts on “Time Flies

    • Yes you did! 😀 And it tastes great, right? I would never eat it today. but when i was a kid… Oh my god! Chalk and mud! Loved them both 😛

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