The Beach Girl

She was nobody to me. I never saw her before that night. I never saw her after; not even when I waited late into the nights.

It was a night as normal as one could be. It was no New Year’s Eve, or Diwali, or anyone’s birthday for that matter. I only saw her for a moment. Sometimes, that’s all you ever need.

Her skin was flawless with the slightest hint of baby fat. Her straight black hair fell heavily upon her shoulders. I will never know why she was in that black dress. I don’t know how I manage to remember the details, ‘coz the only thing that makes me remember her the way I do today us the way she looked back at me.

For the briefest moment that our eyes met, I saw the light shimmering in her eyes. They were deeper than the ocean that rumbled to my right. There was the slightest hint of fear- the fear of wanting something forbidden, and no matter how many times I tell myself otherwise, I believe that she probably felt the same way.

I passed by her, and kept walking, constantly thinking about what I could say to her. I gathered the courage to turn around.

She was gone.


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