The Girl in My Calculus Class

So there’s this girl in my calculus class,

And Juan says there’s not much to her.

Laughing like a preteen kid,

I mildly disagree;

Almost immediately,

I shut up as I sit up straight.

Her pale greenish-blue eyes catch mine.

Is there a shade of green to them,

Or is the light playing tricks on me?

I never find out…

The professor wants the curves integrated.

So I drown myself in the melody,

Of the pencil scratching on paper…

Furious. Nervous.


The class is over;

Almost a day has passed.

The clock strikes quarter to seven.

I run across the campus,

Visiting every last one of my secret shortcuts.

It’s past seven…

I’m ten minutes late;

There’s no surprise to that!

The classroom’s locked.

The lights are put out.

The corridors are silent.

There’s no Calculus class on Wednesdays!

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