Lazy Sunday Mornings…
Waking up by your side,
The sun bouncing off your skin.
The smell of your perfume,
And conditioner in your hair…
The soft curls falling on my face,
Wet. A moist kiss!
The tinkle of your laughter,
When I’d tickle you…
That twinkle in your eyes.
Yeux marron, yeux de cochon!
Those crumpled cargo pants.
That plain white tee.
That brown Kurti.
The romantic night lights…
Our attempts to salsa,
Collapsing in a Tangled mess!
Around that unfinished painting…
Bad maple syrup. And flipping pancakes.
Headed in an unknown direction,
Discovering an unrealistic reality,
Amidst the smiles, tears and laughter,
Something profound.
Beauty, unparalleled…
An everlasting memory…
And a dream come true…
Tarun  Bali
16th July, 2011

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